Cornerstone Baptist Academy

Cornerstone Baptist Academy is a ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church, a church started in March 2008. The Lord immediately blessed the ministry with souls saved and lives changed for Jesus Christ. Having established a successful church, our school staff fully understands the dedicated commitment of training and educating our young people with Christian values. CBA desires to train children seeking a solid Christian education and is dedicated to making it affordable.

Cornerstone Baptist Academy

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Nondiscrimination Policy of Cornerstone Baptist Academy

A student's race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin will not be taken into consideration for acceptance into the full programs, activities, and tuition assistance at Cornerstone Baptist Academy. CBA accepts students based on an interview process and the student's (and parents') willingness to abide by school guidelines and policies. 

Purpose Statement

“Training Future Leaders in the BASICS to Impact the World For Christ”

(Bible, Academics, Servitude, Integrity, Character)

• Developing godly students to influence generations 

• Providing a biblically-based, caring environment 

• Achieving academic excellence 

• Enhancing character through competition, fine arts, and

Christian service 

Academy Staff

Courtney Lewis


Jericho Morris


Portia Lewis


Tranace Brown


Paige Young


Dominique Ranson

Academy Nursery

Rachael Humphrey


Addie Lesperance


Monique Arnold

Building Services

Benefits of a Christian Education 


Cornerstone Baptist Academy strives to have an environment that is filled with joy, acceptance, and

Christ-like concern for its students. Our value comes from who we are in Christ. Bible class, prayer, and chapel are integral parts of the school that enhance the students' spiritual growth.

Moral Integrity

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

CBA is committed to impacting the lives of our students by inspiring them to express the qualities which matter most - honesty in work and deed, kindness toward others, respect for authority, and trust in God.

Academic Excellence

Cornerstone Baptist Academy desires to unlock the God-given potential in each child and enable each one to grow to new heights in all areas of development. Teachers make the classroom a place of discovery and a place that challenges the mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tuition?

Tuition at Cornerstone Baptist Academy is an affordable $2,500 per school year. A slight discount is available for multiple siblings enrolled. We hold two fundraisers each year that allow the tuition to remain at a low rate.

What should I do for scheduling and appointments?

Contact the school office today to set up an appointment with our school administrator at 773-643-1865

What should you know before applying?

Cornerstone Baptist church Academy is essentially a closed enrollment school. This means that we primarily exist for the education of the children of members of Cornerstone Baptist Church. Exceptions are made for students whose guardians are faithful to an independent Baptist church of like faith and practice. Also, exceptions are made for children whose parents attend at least one service per week at Cornerstone Baptist Church.

What type of curriculum do you use?

Cornerstone Baptist Academy is a registered user of the Abeka Video Master Program.

What are your extracurricular activities like?

While we want to help develop our students musically, socially, and physically, we also maintain that it is the parent’s primary responsibility to raise their children. We are purposely aiming to give Christian parents more time at home with their children by limiting all of the frills that normally come with a traditional school. We believe that parents should raise their children, not the school.

Our Commitment

A dedicated and caring staff.

A quality education environment.

A traditional approach.

A proven and academically challenging curriculum.

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