Cornerstone Baptist Church

“The Church that preaches what the Bible teaches”

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church is an old-fashioned Bible-believing church. We believe God’s Word has the answer to all life’s problems. By reading and understanding the Bible, we can know how to get to heaven and how to live a successful life until we arrive. God did not leave us here to grope in the dark but gave us His Word as a guide for life. 

Meet The Pastor

Pastor and Mrs. Courtney Lewis came to Chicago in 2008 to establish an independent Baptist church. Pastor Lewis has a ministry based largely on going out to the people and bringing them to Christ. People are looking for a church that is concerned about them and their problems, and Pastor Lewis wants Cornerstone Baptist to be the church where people can find this thoughtfulness. The Lewis family came to Chicago from Chesterton, Indiana, where they both studied and graduated from Fairhaven Baptist College. Pastor Lewis was born and raised in the Henry Horner and LeClaire Court projects of Chicago, and his wife is from Oceanside, California. The family has four daughters, Lois, April, Justine, and Ruth.

Upcoming Events

Holiday Caroling

Let’s Go Caroling in Hyde Park!

Cornerstone @ PGM

Come out and join us as we witness to the lost in song and the preached Word!

December 14th, 2021

Parent Day!

Christmas program and special service!

Come out and worship with us!

Upcoming Events

Christmas Push for the Bus Routes @ Cornerstone

All month long at Cornerstone will be a Christmas Push for the bus routes that will culminate with a Parents’s Day Christmas program!

Youth Takeover @ CBC!

The youth are in charge for the New Years Service at CBC. Come join us to celebrate the new year!